Born of an Italian father and English mother, my earliest understanding of life was how relative individual cultures are. My work reflects a desire to find and expose the ridiculous internal logic of the absurdities that govern our world, in particular in relation to attitudes to women. Most recently, my production has concentrated on societal pressures and their conditioning impact on women in all spheres, from the deeply personal to the most public. It mostly takes the form of installation pieces made out of a variety of materials, from colourless hessian to gloriously coloured fabric, from pretty beads to odd-looking found objects. Having no real interest in exploring form or material for the sake of it, and dislike for work that is flat both physically and emotionally, I am compelled to create visual narratives that are quite theatrical in nature. A work is successful, to my mind, when it generates a variety of reactions, better still in a single individual, whether at a direct or unconscious level. Humour has a very important role to play, especially dark humour, as it often allows for the coupling of multiple and antithetical emotions. Another stratagem I like to employ is the offsetting of bigger sculptural piece with smaller 3D or 2D works that introduce different elements to the same story, as a kind of off-screen voice that is sometimes in line and sometimes off-kilter with the main narration.