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Two Little MEs am I

Born to an Italian father and English mother, the earliest concept I remember grasping and making my own is the relativity inherent in different cultural expressions. Living between two cultural spaces, has a profound impact on your sense of identity, where the norms you adopt can imply unsettling choices and tinge most environments with a hue of impostor syndrome, and where you always sit a little bit outside of yourself and those around you.

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To explore these ideas I use a wide range of materials. Having no real interest in exploring form or material for the sake of it, and dislike for work that is flat both physically and emotionally, I am compelled to create visual narratives that are quite theatrical in nature. Writing is a big part of my practice and titles are very much a part of my work, acting to colour or subvert meaning. 

My work reflects a desire to find and expose the ridiculous internal logic and absurdities that govern our world and its different cultural systems. Most recently, my production has concentrated on societal pressures and their conditioning impact on women in all spheres, from the deeply personal to the most public.

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  • 'Resurgence. We are bursting to tell you', The Art Bypass Gallery, Hoxton, London, 22-26 June.


  • 'Plosives' exhibition @GuestProjects AltMFA residency, Sunbury House, 27-31 May.


  • 'Hidden in Plain Sight', AltMFA @Artlicks Weekend, Fill The Gap Gallery, Leytonstone, London. 6 Oct. 

  • Anglican Chapel, Nunhead Cemetery, Public Art Programme (Solo) 18 February – 22 April

  • St.Nicholas Church, Deptford. Artist in Residence 2 Oct 2017 – February 2018


  • St.Nicholas Church, Deptford X Fringe, London 22 Sep – 1 Oct

  • Guest Projects Residency with AltMFA, Sunbury House, London 1-7 May

  • Debora Mo – Marina Kottrer  – Espace 44, Brussels, Belgium, 27-28 January 2017.


  • Modern Makers IV, No Format gallery, Woolwich London, 2-5 June.

  • Preet Nagar Residency, Amritsar, India. February-March.

• BA Degree Show, Carlyle Building, Kensington and Chelsea College, London.

• ‘That’s Your Lot. 13’, Alexandra Palace, London.

• ‘Saluting the Chosen Few’, Posk Gallery, Hammersmith, London.
• ‘Magnificent 7 Deadly Sins’, Mausoleum, Nunhead Cemetery, London.

• ‘Salon 6. Still Lives’, Bar Gallery, London.
• ‘Woodland Wonders, Anglian Chapel, Nunhead Cemetery, London.
• ‘Magnificent 7 Resting Peacefully’, Mausoleum, Nunhead Cemetery, London.
• ‘Art: Free for All’, Alexandra Palace, London
• ‘Surface Charge’, Hortensia Gallery, London.
• ‘Four Corners of the Earth’, Rickshaw Gallery, London.
• ‘Visual Suspects’, Hortensia Gallery, London.

• ‘Here lies ART’, Anglian Chapel, Nunhead Cemetery, London.
• ‘Cut Back’, Queen’s Wood Sculpture Trail, London.
• ‘Surface Charge’, Hortensia Gallery, London.
• ‘Take a Pew’, St.Augustine’s, Honour Oak Park, London.
• ‘Not just a Blank Canvas’, Hortensia Gallery, London.

• ‘Thoroughly Modern Dora’, Bar Gallery, London.
• ‘Untitled’, Hortensia Gallery, London.
• ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’, Hortensia Gallery, London.

• ‘Loose Dogs and Loose Artists’, Marchwood Sculpture Trail, Kent.


Creation of two original mosaic wall pieces for the Nek Chand Rock Garden, Chandigarh, North India, 2005.


BA (Hons) in Fine Art, Kensington and Chelsea College (South Bank University),2015. First Class Honours.

HND in Fine Art, Kensington and Chelsea College 2010.

Professional Development in Sculpture, Kensington & Chelsea College, 2009.

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